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The Story Behind storeyweaver

What's the story behind storeyweaver designs in glass?


It's not coincidental that my glass artwork is designed to weave a story. Either the story in my own view of the world or, hopefully, in your story and your view of the world in commissioned pieces.


So, where did "storeyweaver" come from? I've shamelessly played off of my last name, Storey. Because, as a good friend and colleague told me often, "if you've got it, flaunt it." I'm not sure that the play on words, story versus storey, qualifies as flaunting, but that's my story and I'm sticking with it! ​


The other half is "weaver," my husband's last name. And, with acknowledgement to my supportive husband of more than 3 decades, I tagged it. No hyphens, please!

Purchases and Commissioned Work

Each unique piece is designed, created and personally crafted by Juried Virginia Artisan, Maureen Storey, in
her home studio. There are no assistants. Nothing is


All vessels and 2D wall art are for sale unless marked
as SOLD! ​


For pricing of finished artworks or to discuss commissioned work, please send an email to



Glass Artist and Owner

Science is art and art is science, and both are my passion.  Giving free rein to my deep interest in both science and glass art has consistently led me to greater inspiration.  Each allows me to express myself differently, explore different perspectives and tap more deeply into my creative potential.


My glass designs tell stories – stories of technique and stories of personal vision.  I create my glass art to share and reflect emotion, movement and my interpretation of the world around me.  For example, Here Comes the Sun is how I think the sun would look in close-up.  Swirls of red, yellow, pink and even, clear, created by combing the glass in the kiln at more than 1600 F.  And the name of this piece?  Well, it's one of my favorite songs sung by The Beatles in 1969 and written by George Harrison.


Commissioned pieces bring your story and the emotion accompanying it to life.  For commissioned commemorative vessels I work closely with my clients to create the piece that truly tells their story and embraces the feelings they wish to convey.​

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